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Default HD-DVD now stores 51GB (1GB more than blu-ray)

So now there is no difference in storage capacity as well as the fact that the older players will be able to read the new disks with a simple online update of the firmware. simply plug the network cable into your current player when you insert the new 3layer disk and it will auto update allowing you to be able to use your current player to read the new disks.

currently blu-ray stand alone players can't do this simple update as they don't have network ports. You have to order a disk that can take weeks to show up before a firmware update can be performed on the player. disapointing to say the least and they still cost more than 2 times the amount of the cheapest current hd-dvd player.
DVD Forum Approves Three Layer 51GB HD DVDs
By: César A. Berardini - "Cesar" Share This ArticleNov. 16th, 2007 2:44 pm At its 40th Steering Committee Meeting, the DVD Forum has approved the triple-layer HD DVD ROM (read only) specification proposed by Toshiba. The new HD DVD ROM disc has a three-layer structure, with each layer storing 17GB of data, offering a total disc capacity of 51 gigabytes. Currently, HD DVD ROM has a single-layer capacity of 15 GB, with dual-layer discs offering 30 GB.

The new disc, which can store up to 7 hours of high-definition video, shares the same disc structure as standard DVD and previously announced HD DVD formats: two 0.6-mm thick discs bonded back-to-back. This time-tested physical structure offers proven volume manufacturing at little cost increment.

With this latest development, the HD DVD camp is able to offer a product that matches the capacity offered by a dual-layer Blu-ray Disc.
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