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Car and Driver
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Default 2013 Ford Mustang Spied with Exterior Updates, Could be Another Special Edition V6

There’s undoubtedly no shortage of special-edition Ford Mustangs. Between the DUB Edition, Mustang Club of America package, Performance “Mayhem” package, and more offered on the V-6 model alone. And with the wildly awesome Boss 302 and Shelby GT500 range-toppers, there seems to be a Mustang for almost every niche. We say “almost” because based on these spy photos, it appears that Ford might have found another nook to slot in a special Mustang, or perhaps just sprinkle a few updates into the mix for the 2013 model.
Caught here is what appears to be a Mustang V-6 out testing a few new exterior modifications, at the least. The slightly higher ride height and absence of lighting elements—or blanks like the Boss 302 sports—in the grille has us confident this mule is V-6 powered (all Mustangs now host dual-exhaust outlets). Nevertheless, the Stang is home to a new rear spoiler and revised rear fascia that stretches down the diffuser trim and adds a license plate surround. The wheels are unique to this mule, as are a few elements in the front, like projector-style head- and fog lights, additional air intakes, and a very pronounced front splitter. With those typical high-end features found on the nose, we’re leaning toward the idea that this is a special V-6 Mustang, perhaps with performance intentions, thus needing additional scoops for cooling and a big rear spoiler for stability or just added flare. Now, a badge can easily be plopped on anything, but it should be noted that the vertical red, white, and blue insignia here most often finds itself on one of those special Mustangs.
With no other significant changes that can be made out, we figure this pony will be prancing around as soon as next year. Rest assure, we’ll bring you more as soon as we can.

More of this article @ Car&Driver.com
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Son of a bitch, why do they have to add the 65 side vents next year?

Oh well, I still like mine.
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Originally Posted by srp21y View Post
Son of a bitch, why do they have to add the 65 side vents next year?

Oh well, I still like mine.
well that's what you get for not paying off one before getting another.
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