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Photos, Photography and Photoshop Post your photography, Photoshop, and general image related items here. Photoshop requests go here as well.

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Default How to post images on the forum (using photobucket)

Ok for the new to forums people, here is how you can post images in a thread so that people can see your ride or whatever else it is that you want people to see.

Go to www.photobucket.com register for an account there, upload your images to your account.

In the account setting "account options" you will see were it says "Display Direct Link: for layout pages" place a check mark in that box, also (this is the important one) place a check mark in the box on this line "Display IMG: for Bulletin Boards and Forums". The IMG tags will be already in the line for you to just click and then paste (photo bucket automatically copies the text when you click on it for the links, so all you have to do is hit "ctrl" + "v" at the same time to paste the image code into the new post you are making).

When you look at your album you will see the images you have uploaded (you can create folders to sort your images how you please) there will be some text below with boxes that have links in them. One will say "direct link" and the other "IMG code". To place an image in a forum all you have to do is click the link to the right of the "IMG Code" text and it'll auto copy (when you are using internet explorer) to you clip board allowing you to simple paste it were you need it to be.

If you wish to make click able thumbnails just place a check make in the box next to the image names that you want to have thumbnails for and then go to the bottom of the page. You will see a button that reads "Generate HTML and IMG code" click that after you have checked all the images you want to use. On the next page that comes up you will see several text boxes, there will be one that has a title above it that reads "IMG click able thumbnails for message boards - recommended" simply click inside the box below that once (you should notice a little yellow text box popup that says "copied"). Now all you have to do is go to the new post you are trying to make and enter the copied material by right clicking and selecting "paste" or using the “ctrl” + ”v” method.

You will want to edit this once you have pasted though. Every time you see "[url]" you will want to place your cursor in front of that and hit the backspace key once and then hit the space bar once, this will make the images appear next to one another instead of a long list that can be annoying for users to have to scroll through.
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Default Image Hosting: full size images and so on.

For image uploads larger than what most other sites offer:
http://xs.to/ - up to 20MB
http://www.tinypic.com/ - limited by 1600 pixels, height or width.
http://imageshack.us/ - limited by file size, max = 1.5MB

I tried out that http://xs.to and it worked pretty good. uploaded a 5mb file and it didn't seem to change the coloring of it at all.

If you know of any other similar sites for uploading larger images post them up.
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