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Default Xbox repairs can be such a royal pain in the butt sometimes.

So I'm doing yet another xbox repair and luckily I ended up having the parts this time and didn't have to search all over the net to find the parts like I have in the past.

But Seeing as xbox in their infinite wisdom decided that they would marry each and every drive to a particular mother board it results in that drive and only that drive working for that xbox.

You can't just pull another drive from a random xbox 360 and slap it in there...

So if the driver board for that disk drive goes bad the whole thing is crap, unless you have the equipment to be able to get into the system and marry it to a new drive, which most repair facilities don't have....

So I got lucky and with my stock pile of broken drives and other parts sitting around I was able to salvage the parts that I needed out of another same exact model drive and place them into the non working unit to make that one work again without having to swap the controller board over to a different drive.

Also for all you smokers that want your xboxs repaired, they are likely broken because of your filthy habit. I swear I'm going to start taking pictures of the insides of these nasty xboxs that I get from people. It's a wonder that they have lasted as long as they have in some of these homes with people that smoke. The heat sinks are coated in the tar from the smoke which doesn't allow them to cool like they need to. Not to mention the copious amounts of dust and everything else that then sticks to this coating that gets over the entirety of the internals and just makes for a disgusting mess.

Had to rant a little here.
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