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  15. need books for fiu. also have some mdc books at home if
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  34. Excel time formating: I want to display HH:MM:SS, it wont work
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  36. yeah... Algebra can kiss my Butt holeo!
  37. STUDENTS: GET Microsoft Office Ultimate for $59.95
  38. Fau
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  41. GRADES: how did you guys do this semster?
  42. any one have a book i need?
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  44. Dade.
  45. Fall 09: schedules.
  46. Coral Gables Senior High
  47. Kid gets tackled for smoking blunt at FIU
  48. Free Math Tutoring VIDEOS and SITES.
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  51. Quadratic regresion: using the TI-Calc
  52. TI Calc Programing: need a computer based editor.
  53. Signed up for Spring semster? have you done it yet?
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  64. AcademicEarth.org & YouTube .edu get help from other universities or colleges
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  66. Mathway for Android and iOS - Trig, calc, algebra and more helper
  67. Finals are here! and it's not cool.
  68. UK Campus Police Officer Fired After Confrontation With Student
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